Classes and all events are canceled due to the Coronavirus pandemic

March 2020

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FREE CLASSES Every Saturday!

Every SATURDAY at 9:30 AM – Come and learn new super important topics about driving that will make you a much better and safer driver to avoid accidents!
 Reverse driving & Parallel Parking
 Fines and fees
 Following too close
All attendees will be able to purchase Tiny Towne Dollars for 50% OFF after each class!

Reverse Driving & Parallel Parking – Learn to master the most difficult of driving skills so that you it’s always easy.

Fines & Fees – It is vital to know what are the possible violations that you can get a ticket for & exactly how to avoid them and keep your record clean.

Following Too Close – This is the #1 cause of accidents in the US. It is important to know the exact steps that drivers should take to avoid this from ever being a problem.

Family Fun Fridays Are Back!

Anything you spend on food, we will give you back in FREE Tiny Dollars to spend on any of the play activities! – Every Friday

Official Driving School Accreditation

Spots Are Now Open! (Counts Towards Drivers Ed Hours)

New Driving School program is officially approved and is taking new students.

A full 30-hour program where drivers will gain experience and graduate with a licensed driving school certificate so they can get their real driver’s license. (Ages 14+).

Also…UGA has started their evaluation program, allowing for students as young as age 12 to get certified and participate in becoming the best of our future’s safest drivers.


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