Want to take your class on a fun, educational, one-of-a-kind field trip? Tiny Towne is giving out 5 free field trips for school groups of 30 students to be redeemed any weekday in September. It’s first come, first served – so email pierre@tinytowne.com now if you’d like to reserve yours!

The free field trip program will be about 2.5 hours long, and it will include:

  • A class on road signs and road safety in the VID Hall
  • One round on the Tiny Track for each student (must be under 57″)
  • One train ride for all the students
  • A computer test to assess what the children learned from the lesson

More driving rounds, arcade tokens, and food are available for an additional fee.

Email Pierre at pierre@tinytowne.com if you have any questions or to reserve your free field trip.

We hope to see you at Tiny Towne soon!