Group Leader Checklist


  • Read about the Field Trip Program on the website.
  • Check your school calendar, bus schedule and testing dates to avoid schedule conflicts.
  • Confirm the number of attendees.
  • Make a reservation by filling out the form on the Contact Us page or by emailing


  • Review the Education Package (which will be sent to you upon confirmation of the reservation) to get your students ready.
  • Hand out waivers to be signed by parents.
  • Hang Tiny Towne posters on the classroom walls a few weeks prior to the field trip.
  • Call your Tiny Towne representative to discuss any questions you may have.
  • Call and confirm your reservation 48 hours before your trip.
  • Inform your Tiny Towne representative of any changes in your plans.
  • Make sure your representative is aware of any special arrangements needed.
  • Divide your group into subgroups with no more than 30 and no less than 20 per class.
  • With more than one class, we prefer that you color code them to start learning about the importance of shapes and colors. Use your imagination.


  • Take a head count before you leave school.
  • Make sure you have a list of chaperones, parents and students.
  • Make sure Tiny Towne members have their ID’s.
  • Make sure to bring the signed waivers with you for every student who will participate in the programming.
  • Reconfirm your day schedule with the Tiny Towne representative.
  • Chaperones must be with students at all times and must follow guidelines and rules.
  • Make sure that all students are instructed to follow signs and instructions while on Tiny Towne premises.
  • Take a headcount of all the members of your group before you leave our facility.