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  • BasicCheapest and Least Inclusive Package

  • $20

  • Driver's ID
  • Driver's Permit
  • Unlimited Train Rides (1 Year)
  • Unlimited Classes & Education (1 Year)
  • 15
  • IntermediatePlay a little

  • $30

  • Driver's ID
  • Driver's Permit
  • Unlimited Train Rides (1 Year)
  • Unlimited Classes & Education (1 Year)
  • 30
  • AdvancedMost Popular Package

  • $40

  • Driver's ID
  • Driver's Permit
  • Unlimited Train Rides (1 Year)
  • Unlimited Classes & Education (1 Year)
  • 40
  • PremiumBEST VALUE - Lots of Play

  • $50

  • Driver's ID
  • Driver's Permit
  • Unlimited Train Rides (1 Year)
  • Unlimited Classes & Education (1 Year)
  • 60

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Tiny/Booster Cars - 5 Credits

On the Tiny and Booster Track, children ages 3-8 will learn how to use the pedals of a car as well as speed control and proper steering.

Traffic Track - 1 Credit/Minute

The Traffic Track is a free roam Town for ages 9+. In this town, children will learn the full rules of the road and have the ability to make their own driving choices. The more they drive, the faster the vehicle becomes! Keep an eye out for Police!

Tiny Towne Express - 3 Credits

The Tiny Towne Express circles around all of Tiny Towne giving you an exiting 360 Tour of the whole town. With custom music and a surprise tunnel at the end of the trip, this is a favorite for the children of Tiny Towne!

Carcade - 1-2 Credits per game

The Carcade is a state of the art area where children can play games that will test their mechanical skills and coordination abilities, as well as your favorite original games! Great for all Ages!

Any recommendation on what package to buy? Tiny Towne is the 1st of its kind in the world and just like any new product, it takes some time to become familiar with it. The good news is that our reviews are excellent, we have an extremely high level of repeat customers and people are driving hours from over 1000 zip codes to enjoy the edutainment experience of Tiny Towne. Unlike any FEC (Family Entertainment Center) Tiny Towne has 3 different size cars to accommodate all ages, a Choo Choo train, and a Carcade. Tiny and Booster cars share the same track and they are designed for kids who are under 57” tall. Kids start driving at the age of 3, yes that is right, they are in full control of the Tiny Cars, but the controller can remotely override their abilities and pause all the cars to ensure safety if needed. Tiny track is designed with top safety features in mind. All cars are programmable to maintain a safe speed. The cars automatically reduce their speed when entering the parking area to ensure the safety of employees and drivers and all cars can be instantly paused remotely if needed. Booster Cars are larger than Tiny Cars, they are designed for kids who started using booster seats; they accommodate drivers 6-10 years old and share the same track and all safety features. The cost to drive Tiny or Booster cars is 5 credits (Tiny dollars) each round takes up to 5 minutes of actual driving time where kids can enjoy 4 to 6 laps around the Tiny Track, but you should plan for about 15 minutes per lap in a normal day. Parents and Guardians are welcomed at no charge, but all drivers are required to have a Tiny Towne ID, TTID, or a Tiny Towne Driver’s Permit, TT Permit. TTID costs $10 and it is valid for one year. It is used as a debit card and an ID. Tiny and Booster drivers are not required to take any tests before driving; they can get their TTID or TT Permit and go straight to the driving queue. Drivers over 57” enjoy a real life driving experience They must obtain a TT Permit and go through several steps before they can drive the TT Smart Car. – First, they get their TT Permit that comes in 11 different colors which represents the colors of traffic signs. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to get the TT Permit. – Second, they must pass traffic 101. A multiple choice computer test that covers the three types of signs, colors and shapes, as well as the road markings. 32 questions with a perfect score, 100% is required to move to the next step. It is almost impossible for the new drivers to pass Traffic 101 from the first time. It takes an average of 3 times to pass, so you should plan to spend 20 to 30 minutes in TT Driving Academy, the test room. – Third, they move to the simulator test, where kids can learn how to drive a real car. The drivers are requires to learn four important practices before moving in to the 4th step:

  • Practice the proper use of gas and brake pedal, using only the right foot since all our simulators and cars are automatic.
  • Learn and practice how to control and maintain their cars in the same lane.
  • Be able to maintain the car at a constant speed.
  • Learn how to make turns and keeping both hands on the upper half of the steering wheel.

The 3rd step is also a part of the experience and does not cost any credits. You should expect to spend another 15 minutes if there is no queue. – The 4th Step is one on one training with a TT instructor. The driver will start practicing driving and learn about traffic signs, road marking and courteous driving. It takes an average of 10 minutes for new drivers to become totally independent. – The 5th step is starting the real-life driving experience, on their own. Both kids and guardians should be aware of our patented application and Tiny Towne rules:

  • The car is smart.
  • The TT permit is the key to start the car.
  • The car knows if the driver has successfully passed both tests. If not, the car will give a message to the driver to go back and pass the tests.
  • The Smart car requires a minimum of 20 credits to start.
  • Each credit is equivalent to one minute of driving time.
  • The car has 7 speeds; it identifies the driver and determines the maximum permitted speed based on the driver’s experience, violation record and education.
  • The speeds range between 5 and 12 miles/ hr.
  • Adults can ride with their kids, but kids are not allowed to be passengers.
  • TT police take any traffic violation by the drivers as an opportunity to teach them and build their awareness.
  • TT police prefers to hand out warnings for traffic violations, but they can also issue tickets if needed.
  • A traffic ticket will instantly disable the car for a number of minutes based on the level and severity of violation, reduced the speed level and lower the safety level of the driver’s.
  • 25 points of violations leads to a court day and TT permit suspension.
  • Illegal parking is 2 point violation, running a stop sign is 5 while texting and driving is 25 points.
  • 11 different topics in traffic safety, education and awareness are offered at no charge for permit holders in most Saturdays at 10:00 AM.
  • Following the free class, attendees are rewarded with a substantial discount.
  • All 11 classes are required to be able to apply for TT license.
  • Classes are not the only requirement for the TT license. Drivers must pass all computer tests with a perfect score, learn parallel parking and successfully drive the entire course in reverse.
  • TT permit holders also enjoy Free train rides for an entire year and get exclusive special offer from time to time on credits and TT merchandises.
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