Playtime at Tiny Towne can be spent gaming in the Arcade Room, taking a trip the “TT Express” train, or driving on one of the two Tiny Towne tracks.

More on each activity below!

Arcades | Train | Drive

The Carcade (1-2 Credits)

The arcades room at Tiny Towne is equipped with about 30 games including sports games, video games, and redemption games, and players can play individually and aim for a personal best or challenge a friend.  Players can win prizes by playing too! Redemption games will allow players to collect tickets that can be traded in for cool prizes at the kiosk in the Arcade Room. To play, guests must buy Credits at the Admission Booth. Each game takes 1-2 Credits

Train (3 Credits)

Take a ride in the Tiny Towne Express to explore the landscape from the comfort of your seat. This activity is appropriate for people of all ages.

Drive (1 Credit/minute)

With three different types of cars that operate on tracks of two levels of difficulty, we have several options for young people of all ages to explore the fun of driving. To find out more, please click here.