Important Visitors in Tiny Towne

Driving Schools Commission Meeting

September 27, 2018

Kevin Boyd is on the right, commissioner Moore is on the left and Josh Turner, Director of driving school commission is in the middle. In this picture, they are listening on how kids learn the rules of the road through an interactive and competitive game experience at a Tiny Towne.

Chief of Police

September 25, 2018

TT Police is explaining how the smart car works and how we are able to reduce the training time with an instructor to 3.5 minutes and still keep a perfect safety record. Our smart cars work with the drivers to improve their driving experience and make them safer drivers.

Robert Woodall

August 16, 2018

Robert Woodall (GA Representative – Congressman) spent a full day going through our program. Besides the fact that he might not have enjoyed his experience with our police…he had an amazing experience and looks forward to seeing us grow!

GA Public Safety Educators Association

August 09, 2018

GA Public Safety Educators Association had their meeting in Tiny Towne and might have even exchanged a few tips with each other on how to better our driving education in GA.

Kevin Langston

January 31, 2018

Kevin Langston (Deputy Commissioner of Tourism) puts his mechanical skills to the test in our simulator. Deputy Langston was extremely delighted to see the progress we are making in our community in becoming safer drivers.

Harris Blackwood & Josh Turner

January 30, 2018

Harris Blackwood (Director of Highway Safety) & Josh Turner (Director of Driving School Commission) Came for a full visit to Tiny Towne and put their road knowledge to the test. Mr. Blackwood & Mr. Turner definitely had some proper knowledge on the roads and were “impressed by the program Tiny Towne has.”

Norcross Patch

June 9, 2014


June 5, 2014

CBS 46

July 9, 2014