COVID Procedures


We can assure you that we will be doing all that we can to ensure your safety and the safety of our employees, but we will rely on you to do your part as well. We are meeting or exceeding the health and safety guidelines set by the US CDC, WHO, OSHA, European CDC, the local and state government, and IAAPA, the International Amusement Association of Parks and attractions.

Check our latest business hours as we keep updating them based on the current health stiuation. We will open for private groups before or after those hours.  Please pay attention to all orange signs and markings, they are all related to COVID-19 procedure.

Here what you should expect when you come to visit Tiny Towne:

    • The main entrance has changed, now you will be entering from the righthand side of the building and exiting from what used to be the main entrance.
    • Sanitizers are available at the main entrance and throughout the facility & in every party room. All guests will have to sanitize their hands as soon as they enter our facility.
    • Every Guest must wear a mask or cover their mouth and nose, NO EXCEPTIONS
    • One parent per kid. No one over the age of 65 during the 1st phase of opening
    • Registration stations/ I-Pads will be 12’ apart
    • Once you get your pass (driver’s Permit) all activities are activated touch-free/ contactless.
    • The entire floor will have a grid with dots that are 7’ apart. Those are there to remind you of social distancing, we are allowing 49 SF per person instead of 36 SF that is becoming standard worldwide.
    • All portable dividers have been removed, please make sure your kids respect the queue.
    • The train: will run every 30 minutes. All passengers going in the same wagon must be from same group/ family. The train will be sanitized after every trip
    • Tiny and Booster cars: the line will be marked every 6 feet. Please have your kids respect the queue. The cars will be sanitized after each round.” Be patient, it is for your safety”
    • Smart cars have plenty of space, we will have them sanitized when you come in and will be sanitized after each drive.
    • Classes seating are reduced from 40 to only 8 at one time 
    • Games: we will have an employee sanitizing after every game is used. Sanitizing towels will also be available for guests who decide to use theirs before playing games.
    • The dining area: no more than six persons per table and they must be from the same family. Tables will be at least 7’ apart and we will not be serving food in the 1st phase. Please allow a few minutes for sanitation to take effect.
    • Bathrooms: will be sanitized frequently and the family bathroom will be available for Handicap if needed. Both men’ and ladies’ bathrooms are equipped with touch-free faucets, soap dispensers, and dryers and will have the main door always open so the entire handwashing experience will be touch-free.


  • Our Capacity: will be reduced to only 50% of the maximum capacity; that means that every guest will have an average of 144 SF which is 4 times the recommended guidelines.


We apologize if you experience any delays or inconvenience as a result of these health and safety procedures, but our team will do its best to ensure the kids have a safe experience.