Everyone can drive at Tiny Towne! From toddlers in car-shaped kiddie rides to teens on the advanced Tiny Towne Traffic Track, we have activities to meet the needs of every age group and level of experience.

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Ages 1-3 | Ages 3-6 | Ages 6-9 | Ages 9+

 Ages 1-3: Tiny Drivers

Tiny Towne puts toddlers behind the wheel starting at the age of one. Toddlers can enjoy car- and driving-themed kiddie rides that are fun, interactive and educational.

The cars tilt and move up-and-down and side-to-side with the wheel to give toddlers a more exciting experience, but are not freely moving.

Level goals: to learn basic skills, such as holding on to the steering wheel and pressing the gas pedal, and to learn new words (requires supervision)

 Ages 3-6: Beginner Drivers

Beginner Drivers of Tiny Towne can drive a freely moving vehicle on the Tiny Track, which is surrounded by a fence to ensure the kids’ safety.

The vehicles on this track drive in a continuous path of motion, at a controlled speed, and within the marked boundaries of the track.

Level goals: learn to always wear seat belts, to avoid crashing into stationary objects or other cars, and to keep hands on the steering wheel

 Ages 6-9: Intermediate Drivers

At age six, drivers graduate to using slightly larger cars (Booster Cars) on the Tiny Track.

Intermediate drivers drive in a controlled one-way direction on a two-lane street.

Level goals: to stay in their lanes, understand the basics of road markings, and respect other drivers.

 Ages 9 & up: Traffic Drivers

To be promoted to the senior level and get access to the advanced Traffic Track, drivers must be at least 9 years old, 57″ tall, and pass Traffic Test 101* and a simulator test. At the completion of the tests, drivers will receive access to the Tiny Towne Smart Cars used on the advanced track.

The advanced Traffic Track for senior drivers consists of road signs, two-way streets, and cops who will ensure that drivers are practicing the safety rules and guidelines they learned in the classroom.

Level goals: Senior drivers will have a real-life driving experience and will be required to follow all the traffic laws (road markings, road signs, and traffic signals).

* To access Traffic Test 101 and hence, the Traffic Track, drivers must have a Tiny Towne Driver’s Permit. To find out more about permits, please click here.

Safe drivers will be rewarded with extra driving times and faster speeds, while violators will be penalized with down time and then slower speeds.­­­­

Those who put in 30 minutes of safe driving on the Traffic Track can drive their Tiny Towne Smart Cars at higher speeds. (The Smart Cars automatically adjust the maximum speed for each driver.)

On the other hand, though, safety violations have the opposite effect. Some violations may result in slower driving speeds, while others may result in the driver being suspended from the track until further simulator tests are completed, in order to continue practicing more basic requirements and ensure the highest level of safety on Tiny Towne roads.

To obtain access to the Traffic Track, drivers must answer all the Traffic Test 101 questions correctly – a requirement more rigorous than the written portion of the DMV’s licensing process!

About violations:

Tiny Towne police officers patrol the town and hand out traffic ‘tickets’ through a wireless application on their devices. Tickets are not fines, but rather opportunities for learning. When a police officer pulls over a driver who violates a traffic law or safety guideline, the police officer will teach the driver an interesting fact about the violation that took place in order to help the driver understand the severity or consequences of that type of violation.

Additionally, every traffic violation is worth a number of points and will go on the driver’s record to help us track our drivers’ progress and performance on the track. Also violators’ cars are disabled for various minutes depending on the severity of the violation.

For example, a seat belt violation is worth three points, while running a stop sign is a five-point violation and a one minute “time-out,” and texting while driving (TWD) is worth 25 points – which leads to the automatic suspension of the driver’s permit. In order to reactivate their permits, drivers are required to come to Tiny Towne court and face a judge, whose decision will determine if the drivers deserve another chance.

The goal is to inspire a generation of safer drivers!

About the equipment:

Cars: The high-tech cars that we have developed are smart and will identify the driver using his or her Tiny Towne ID card and qualify him or her for the rate and speed they deserve. The more minutes a driver logs without violations, the faster he/she can go.

Simulators: Driving conditions in the simulators include bright sunlight, rain, snow, city and highway roads, day and night to accommodate different levels.