There is no better gift than the gift of FUN!

We Provide you the Gift of Fun to distribute, for only $15 per card! Each Card contains 30 Credits! We recommend their value at $25. All the Profit is for your organization!

We Weren’t kidding when we say it is the best FUNdraiser out there!

FUNdraiser Application

Tell us a little about your organization and one of our FUNdraiser Representatives will contact you within 24 hours


Who May Apply?

-Any legitimate nonprofit club or organization may apply, including: schools, school groups or clubs, athletic organizations, church groups, etc.


How Much Money Can We Make?

-Each FUNdraising Card is to be sold for $25 with your organization retaining $10 for each card sold.


How Do We Apply?

-Complete the Inquiry Form on this page OR Call us at 470-265-6665


Do we need to make an Advance Payment?

-Yes. Tiny Towne will issue FUNdraising Cards to your organization for $15 each (minimum 30 cards for $450). Your organization will sell the FUNdraising Cards for $25 each and retain $10 for your organization. Example: Organization buys 50 FUNdraising Cards for $750 (50 x $15) and sells them for $1250 (50 x $25) for a net gain of $500!


Is there a Minimum Order?

-A minimum of 30 Cards must be purchased.


What if We Need More Token Cards?

-You may order additional Token Cards during your sales period; however, the minimum order for additional cards is 30 Cards


When Can We Start the Sale?

-FUNdraising Cards will be ready for pick up by one of the agreement signers approximately 2 working days after the “Fundraiser Agreement” has been signed. You will be notified when the cards are ready.


What Happens if We Don’t Sell All The Token Cards?

-Cards may not be returned.


What Happens If Cards are Lost or Stolen?

-Cards should be treated like cash, as lost or stolen Cards will not be replaced or refunded. We encourage you to be extremely careful in handling the Cards.