Our first location is NOW OPEN in the USA!

Visit us at 2055 Beaver Ruin Rd, Norcross, GA 30071 to join in the fun!


I’m almost 16, and I thought it wouldn’t be fun for me, but I actually had a great time! The simulator test was actually challenging, and the smart cars are cool. Can’t wait to come back!

—George N.

It’s so fun to drive my family around for a change, instead of them driving me! I learned how to use the turn signal – it was difficult at first, but now I do it easily!

—Tara N.

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I’m a nanny for a 12 yr old girl and 13 yr old boy. We are always looking for a new experience to fill time during the summer. This place is a real boredom buster!! I love the fact that the kids can learn the rules of the road in a safe and friendly environment. The kids now have a membership for the next year and are excited about returning to prepare them for actually getting behind the wheel of a car -  they have even built in the natrual consequences for breaking the driving protocol! PS We had lunch as well and the food is very kid friendly and tastes homemade.

—Kathy F.